What is BE Flourished?

BE Flourished is an open door that allows me to share my many thoughts, interests, and creative pursuits with whoever will listen, and, most importantly, the reminder that it’s okay to not have one true calling in life. Find what helps you Flourish!

Who am I?

You could describe me as a multipotentailite; I am a person of many interests and creative pursuits. For the longest time, I’ve been confused and stuck in a cycle of uncertainty with what I want to do in life. Two questions run through my head over and over again: Who am I, and what are some things that I’m good at? I’m a devoted, ambitious, and creative individual who’s passionate about music, hair, makeup, beauty, cooking/baking, jewelry making, and crafts. These are not all the things I’m passionate about, but they’re the main ones. Because I’m passionate about a lot of things, it’s been overwhelming in deciding my career path. Still, I have to do something with my life, right? I’m currently working as a general transcriptionist and am pursuing legal transcription, which has been cool, but there’s definitely more for me to offer.

What is the goal?

When I’m an old woman, I want to look back on my life and say, “I flourished.” Through this blog, I hope to share the outlets that allow me to express myself as an individual. Likewise, I want people to accept themselves and the many things that make them up as a person. In my view, it’s better to not have one true calling.

Join me on a journey of self-expression, self-acceptance, and self-discovery.

Let’s flourish together.

Some of my story…

My name is Bailey, and welcome to my blog!

A little over two years ago, I was living in Wisconsin and attending nursing school. The first semester had come to an end, and I failed a class by .something %. Obviously, I was disappointed. What could I have done differently? I reflected back, and I thought of what my clinical instructor said to me: “You don’t seem like you really want to be here. I can tell you’re really unsure.” At the time, I had just brushed it off, but she was right. In fact, I was not passionate about nursing at all, and I was not flourishing in life.

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